Rori Sloane Montali
Ph: 917-450-1890

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Physical Zen is a unique physical, mental and spiritual experience in personal training that promotes healing and transformative power through exercise and meditation. By combining an intense physical training workout with the relaxation and stress-reduction techniques drawn from Japanese healing arts, Rori Montali has developed a one-of-a-kind approach. A 60-minute session leaves you with a sense of total well-being instead of the fatigue and soreness often associated with leaving the gym. You will feel rested, fresh, alert and calm.

In the Physical Zen experience, you will be exercising rigorously. Rori leads you methodically through her specially developed program of mediation, breathing and Reiki healing, leaving you feeling as if you just stepped out of a spa. The next day you will feel restored and full of vigor instead of sore.

Above all, Rori's program is tailored to your individual needs and situation, beginning with a detailed consultation Her nutritional counseling includes accompanying you on occasion when you buy food, as well as showing you how to create a "wellness home" with air purifiers, water filters and a peaceful meditation corner.

But the heart of Physical Zen is the hour-long, one-on-one training session with Rori. She will lead you at the start through a five-minute meditation to relax the mind, and then move seamlessly through five minutes of Yoga and into the 45-minute workout that combines Pilates, weight training, ply metrics and cardio. The session ends with calming Yoga poses and several minutes of Reiki healing.

Help The Children!

I'm selling some products as a fundraiser for my causes -- to help children in danger. Whether the danger is physical or psychological abuse, I know that we can make a difference. Proceeds from the sale of the products below will help me to make a difference. I urge you to join me. Together we can change lives!
~ Rori

Aqua Pack Also called a dry bag, this bag is perfect for your cell phone, camera, and other small items that you want to keep dry when playing in or near the water! Use it by the pool, at the beach, kayaking, jet skiing, snorkling, everywhere!
The Aqua Pack is just $15.

Cell Shield Your cell phone can be a danger! Protect yourself from the Electromagnetic Radiation Field (EMF) emitted from your mobile phone with the Cell Shield. This shield dissipates the cancer causing EMF and fits all cell phones.
The Cell Shield is just $20.

Hire Rori

I'm available for Personal Training and Reiki Healing by appointment. To schedule a session with me, please select one of the options below. This will notify me immediately of your interest and I will call you!

Personal Training
Personal training is available at $150 per hour. We can meet at your location, or workout out doors at a location I select. Your session will incorporate physical activity, stretching, and a brief meditation to unwind and relax you.

Reiki Healing
Reiki Healing is available at $150 per hour. We can meet at your location, or I can select a location for you. Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive, hands-on method of energy transfer that restores a person’s life, freedom, balance and well being. Reiki enhances medical procedures such as surgery, psychotherapy, or medication, and is widely recommended for stress, allergies, asthma, ulcers, back pain, migraine headaches, disease, phobias, and recovery from all types of abuse and trauma.